A division of Faith Technologies, DCentrIQ is providing distributed energy technology and capabilities for a sustainable future through innovative distributed energy resource systems and Internet of Energy (IoE) control platforms. We ensure the most cost-effective and resilient electricity, delivered from an electrical infrastructure that prioritizes the use of all available resources, such as renewables, energy storage and the utility grid. 

Bottom line? DCentrIQ provides reliable energy solutions that take advantage of renewable options and improve operational efficiencies.

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Commercial Buildings
Commercial EV Charging
Residential Energy
Telecommunications, Data Centers & Critical Power
Utility & Independent System Operators



DCentrIQ enables homeowners and residential property managers to take power needs off the grid. Our home energy systems power individual homes and community developments seeking grid independence. The power management and energy storage solution enables powering of an entire home and integration with onsite solar panels. The innovative technology also allows direct exchange of electricity based on the energy needs of each unit to increase energy efficiency and lower electricity costs across the entire network. The home energy system utilizes lithium-ion batteries with safer materials than most other home energy products on the market.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is having a major impact on the power sector with opportunities to optimize energy efficiency, manage demand, and reduce waste.


The Internet of Energy (IoE) aggregates behind-the-meter commercial, industrial and residential distributed energy resources (DERs) to participate in utility/ISO electricity and ancillary grid markets. IoE allows you to coordinate multi-site DERs to fulfill needed grid power, flexing to dispatch needed energy and VAR support to provide grid resiliency.

DCentrIQ's systems are compliant with the North American Reliability Corporation critical infrastructure protection (NERC CIP) plan. They are cloud connected, built with cyber-secure software firewalls, and are constructed for easy field placement.


DCentrIQ's DC/AC inverter module is an on/off grid solution with an integrated isolation transformer. The firmware is selectable and switchable. Parallel off-grid virtual synchronous generator (VSG) available; parallel off-grid leader/follower exists.


  • Nominal ratings: 50kVa​, 100kVa, 150kVa, 250kVa


DCentrIQ's DC/DC Converter Module and Rack creates the "building blocks" that comprise the system, including:


Power-Control Hardware

Energy-Management Software | IoE Platform

Application-Specific Batteries

Nominal 50kW rated

PV, ES + hybrid ES, DC distribution functionality


DCentrIQ's energy microgrid units contain all the control functionality and battery storage necessary for a microgrid. With inputs for solar PV and generator, these units can be grid-connected or operate for extended periods in island mode depending on specific needs and applications. These DCentrIQ-built and tested units are designed for quick deployment and installation.

DCentrIQ builds and tests these microgrid units in-house. We’ve designed them for quick deployment and installation. So, you’ll have the power you need when you need it.


DCentrIQ's electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure solution offers products and services, including:

Site Audits | Help make strategic decisions with energy consumption and cost modeling, demand management modeling, and time-of-day charge modeling.


Engineering | Ensures the highest return on investment while minimizing the effect of charging on electricity rates by integrating renewable energy and energy storage products.

Turn-Key Site Installations | Provides permitting, civil site work, quickly-deployable infrastructure and equipment installation, including charging units.

Support | Ensures the quality and longevity of the system, offering aftermarket support and warranties on the solution.


ENMAX District Energy Centre
ENMAX District Energy Centre system consists of energy management control technology, integrated solar, energy storage, and the District Energy Centre building loads. The internet of energy (IOE) control platform, is orchestrating the system in a behind-the-meter demand management configuration, and is enabling the ENMAX SCADA operator to control front-of-the-meter operation.
University of the Nations
University of the Nations project, located on the Island of Hawaii, is a combined solar energy distributed generation and advanced energy management system project on campus. The total system features an energy management platform, hybrid energy storage technology, and a 412-kilowatt solar photovoltaic unit.
OATI is hosting the energy management platform and a 200 kilowatt-hour hybrid battery storage unit into a grid-connected system that controls and optimizes the energy from wind power, the electricity grid and batteries.
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OATI is hosting the energy management platform and a 200 kilowatt-hour hybrid battery storage unit into a grid-connected system that controls and optimizes the energy from wind power, the electricity grid and batteries.